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Request - web radio

Hi there, I have a request for reupload of part of the Nabari web radio--specifically eps 5, 17, 19, 21-22, 30 and 35. All the other links except these are still working. Thanks for help in advance!


Extra Manga Scanlation

Hi, sorry for posting so much all of a sudden! ^.^; Just popping in to say I've scanlated the extra manga from the Guide Book I posted up a few entries back and it's over at my journal :)

Click Here for 'Scissors and Lemon' :P

Penumbra: A Yoite/Miharu Fanmix

Hello! I thought I would share this fanmix with you guys C: It's a fanmix for Yoite and Miharu. I started this quite a while ago and figured I might as well finish it up since I was working on fanmixes. The perspective alternates between Yoite and Miharu. I hope you enjoy! Links to .zip, .7z, and grooveshark are below the pictures, and links to individual songs are in their titles on the track list.

Strike me with your matches, and scatter me like ashes...Collapse )

Raiko's Flower

Sorry if it's already been here, but I've just found it out *and so proud of myself ^^~*))
Higanbana in Japanese, or Lycoris radiata in Latin, Red Spider Lily. It's so breathtakingly beautiful!

Spider lily fields...

By the way, there has been said that all the Lycorises in Japan have male origins and so they reproduce only through their roots, they don't bear fruit.

[FANFIC] 100 Days 031 - 035

Title: 100 Days 031 - 035
Author: nyanja14 (aka: Miss Fish, the_myrah)
Word Count: 1,411
Rating: Teen, to be safe.
Warnings: character death, abuse, general angst, and boys having crushes on other boys

Yes, here's more. Hope you enjoy!

You can find all the beginning drabbles here.


[FANFIC] 100 Days 026 - 030

Title: 100 Days 026 - 030
Author: nyanja14 (aka: Miss Fish, the_myrah)
Word Count: 1421
Rating: Teen, to be safe.
Warnings: character death, abuse, general angst, and boys having crushes on other boys

This was a hard batch to get out because I've been getting Writer's Block'd pretty hard. But they are finally here!

You can find all the beginning drabbles here.

Have a good night!


So, my paper is done. Yes, that paper that I did that Nabari fandom survey for.
And it even has a cool (IMO) title! "The Hidden World: Nabari no Ou Fandom as a Discourse Community"
You can check out the essay and all the details over here on my journal.

Looking for survey participants.....

Hi guys,

I'm looking for participants for a survey I'm conducting as part of a term paper for a gender studies class. The study is intended to be rather 'blind', so I can't reveal exactly what I'm looking for, but my study focuses on Western female anime fans and gender roles. If you're interested in participating, please head over to project_otome! What you have to say matters!

Devious Journal Entry

I made a Nabari no Ou doujinshi along with Ero-Pinku, and now it's now on sale (^v^)
Pairings are Yoite x Miharu and Raikou x Gau.

You can check all info on how to buy + full catalogue here: http://inma.deviantart.com/journal/New-doujinshis-amp-more-how-to-purchase-292009201

Cover + sample pages:

Doujinshi - Back to You
by *inma on deviantART