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Penumbra: A Yoite/Miharu Fanmix

Hello! I thought I would share this fanmix with you guys C: It's a fanmix for Yoite and Miharu. I started this quite a while ago and figured I might as well finish it up since I was working on fanmixes. The perspective alternates between Yoite and Miharu. I hope you enjoy! Links to .zip, .7z, and grooveshark are below the pictures, and links to individual songs are in their titles on the track list.

Zip: (X) 7z: (X) Grooveshark: (X)

1. Nothing and Everything by Red

And it finds me

The fight inside is coursing through my veins

And it's raging

The fight inside is hurting me again

2. Numb by Marina and the Diamonds

Forgo families, forgo friends

That's how it started, and how it ends

I can't open up and cry

'Cause I've been silent all my life

3. Better Left Unsaid by Lily Holbrook

I could stay here in the middle

And speak to you in riddles

But I'd rather just feel the burn

I'd rather just feel the burn

4. I Know by Placebo

I know, you love the song but not the singer

I know, you've got me wrapped around your finger

I know, you want the sin without the sinner

I know, I know

5. 42 by Coldplay

Those who are dead, are not dead

They're just living in my head

And since I fell for that spell

I am living there as well

6. It's Beginning To Get To Me by Snow Patrol

And it's beginning to get to me

That I know more of the stars and sea

Than I do of what's in your head

Barely touching in our cold bed

7. Blacking Out The Friction by Death Cab For Cutie

I think that it's brainless

To assume that making changes

To your window's view

Will give a new perspective

8. Goodbye, Apathy by OneRepublic

And all at once

I can help you out

I'll be what you need

I'll do anything

9. Find a Way by Safetysuit

You know I'm gonna find a way

To let you have your way with me

You know I'm gonna find a time

To catch your hand and make you stay

10. Heaven Forbid by The Fray

Heaven forbid you end up alone

And don't know why

Hold on tight, wait for tomorrow

You'll be alright

11. Candlelight by Imogen Heap

Take in a deep breath

And I lift my head

For I am a new man

And I arise from my bed

12. Dawn by Poets of the Fall

Don't mourn what is gone

Greet the dawn

And I will be standing by your side

Together we'll face the turning tide

13. All is Full of Love by Bjork

Twist your head around

It's all around you

All is full of love

All around you

14. Bloodstream by Stateless

I think I might've inhaled you

I can feel you behind my eyes

You gotten into my bloodstream

I can feel you floating in me

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Jun. 23rd, 2012 10:03 am (UTC)
Ooh pretty! Thank you, it looks lovely~ ♥
Jun. 23rd, 2012 06:41 pm (UTC)
You're welcome! And thank you! :D
Jun. 24th, 2012 06:40 am (UTC)
These song choices are all fabulous! I can see a clear progression through the story and they fit so well! And I love the cover. I'm downloading this ASAP, thanks for posting it!
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